(MOON,CARL)illus. NADITA (LITTLE NOTHING). Offered here are two lovely pen and ink drawings by Carl Moon for his book Nadita published by Doubleday in 1927. The story is set in Mexico. A."You are my very own little puppy" - Nadita is shown filling a water pot at the fountain and her little dog is drinking the spilled water from the ground. There is a small damage spot in blank upper right corner of paper. This appears on page 11 of the book in greatly reduced format. The image measures 4 x 5 1/2. B."Nadita felt as if she were sitting in a very shaky chair" - Nadita is shown riding on a burro. A man in leaning against the wall in the background which also has trees and foliage. This appears on page 57 in greatly reduced format. The image measures 6 x 8"

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