CARTOONS. (HANNA-BARBERA) JETSONS ORIGINAL ART. Offered here is a fabulous watercolor circa 1965 used for a Spanish Language book about the Jetsons. Although there is no indication that this is from a Spanish book, it was purchased with other art from a Spanish edition. In Spanish, the Jetsons are known as "Los Supersonicos." When the Flintstones premiered in 1960, it became the first prime time cartoon series made specifically for TV and it is still popular today. It was also very successful in Spanish speaking countries (especially Mexico and Venzuela). The Jetsons was the space age version of the Flintstones. The colors in this artwork are vibrant and the image makes you smile. The image measures 10 x 13" done on art board 12 x 16. Sl. finger soil on edges, near fine. This is a great image of the whole Jetson Gang - George, his wife Jane and their daughter Judy are in a space ship hovering in mid air. Their son Elroy is sitting on a cloud next to Astro the dog. .

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